Click bait

Pens attract me like a white shirt attracts coffee. I love the click, that satisfying sound the pen emits when you press the button to make the tip of the ink cartridge drop out of the barrel. I cock my head, right ear tilted upward, eyes to heaven, finger poised on the clicker waiting Continue reading



Harold&me.WBI’m back in grade six, in Mrs. Mackenzie’s class, middle row, middle desk, working with a vocabulary list and writing stories and this is practice – that’s all. I’m picking up where I left off 46 years ago when I stopped making stuff up and started reading boys instead. I spent way too much time as a teenager trying to figure out the opposite sex and find myself four decades later not much wiser in that regard. I might as well return to fiction. It’s probably better for my brain plus I can make the boys do what I want. Continue reading