The Dog Shakes

Nearly three years ago I wrote a flash fiction story about a dog with “issues” and sent it around to a few journals. It was rejected many times. Then in June this year I attended a small press trade show in an Ottawa community centre and found Common Deer Press.  Their submission guidelines for the Short Tail section of their website said this,

We tend to prefer work that might be literary if it weren’t so genre….

and I thought “Hmm. Maybe Nelson would like to live here.”

Without further ado, here it is – The Dog Shakes

edited by Emily Stewart. Thank you, Common Deer Press for giving Nelson a home.

IMG_0306 (2)






Lilac Wallpaper

A string of oyster abortions his gift.
Hers – an overflowering bouquet of lilacs,
plucked forgiveness

scented crucifixes masked
the odour of briny fingers. A choker
of memories buried in purple crosses,

necklaced embryos worn until
the season changed. The lilacs
browned amid the mound of

viscera and shucked empty shells.
She kept the necklace.
He left the lilacs.