Blue becomes you

Sun glides over snow, checks the pulse of earth, cracks open the ribs of this black morning, revives light. Colour rises, rosy – respires.

Dawn yawns, inhales grey, exhales pink. Later, when the day dons blue we force ourselves out. For the dog. Why else venture into frozen lung territory where breath pinches nostrils, a sign not all pink is benign.

We creep across the snow crust, wish it were pie crust  we could eat instead of feeling eaten. Snow bites our feet. Where did my toes go?

We unpin icicles from the roof, chew blue, become the hue because this is what we do in winter – respire*.


*I’m tinkering with the word respire which means to breathe, but also has an older definition meaning “to recover hope, courage, or strength after a time of difficulty.” I like the idea that winter is a period of recovery, not just something awful to be endured and gotten through. And of course every dawn is just that – hope for a better day.  

Here’s a musical take on blue for you, something mellow to sip your coffee by. – Chet Baker – Almost Blue



Milkweed husks







Lost earring

A long drop split the air beside her clamped jawbone, dented the carpet fibers the width of a dust mite – a silent crash.

Suddenly she felt the tilt of absence, then got lost – looked in the wrong place.

Now she wears the single one mismatched.

No one notices the missing mate.



I’m on a poetry binge this month. The Lady Smock characters will return eventually but something about October pushes me to poetry so I’m just going with it. – Susanne