is a hormone, too;
from its confines
spraying rapid-fire
ornery ordnance
seminal effluence –

take them down
I OWN this fucking town,
Armada fuel,
epinephrine propelled
shock and awe
look at me, baby,
I have big pipes! –

dropped pants,
a fistful of knuckles
and below the belt buckle
show me what you’ve got
let’s take it outside 

the hunter hormone,
a craving wolf,
a writhen desire:

N. Korea

Ad hormonalum.


31 thoughts on “Testosterone

  1. I’m usually not in favour of men claiming to understand and write about women’s psyche, nor the other way around – but this is brilliant. Now I want to smash things up with tools in my shed. Well done. Brilliant! (I already said that).

    • Did you know that neuroscientific research at UCSF (University of California at San Francisco) recently published a study (in mice, of course) that shows how the brain converts testosterone to estrogen and it’s the estrogen that causes aggressive behavior? Of course we are not mice, so it doesn’t really mean anything…though it’s interesting to think about.

      My gut and life experience won’t let me blame wars on testosterone. There are all kinds of violence and aggression in the world, and not only committed by males. To tell the truth, I prefer the kind of person who may be active-aggressive to the passive-aggressive type; the former expresses and gets over it; the latter wears you down with a thousand paper cuts and you never know where you stand.

      So much for my opining of the day. I like a poem that richly expresses a strong point of view, and this certainly is such a poem.

      • Testosterone to estrogen – the things that go on in a bloke’s shed! (I think that might be a NZ expression… ? – mainly from the Dunedin area where Pauline lives….?) My landlord is due here in an hour, and SHE is one of the most aggressive people I’ve met!

      • No, I didn’t know about the neuroscience research. The motivation behind the poem was overhearing a couple of young men speaking cruelly about their female boss, blaming HER because it must have been that time of the month. Argh.

"The river flows both ways." (Margaret Laurence)

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