My heart beat so fast I almost missed her whisper “I’m your cocktail hour.”

The first time I drank her colour, I hovered above her wondering the best way to approach her delicate petals. Finally I dove, and emerged dripping in her juice.

I named her “Flutter”. I siphoned Flutter and her taste stopped my wings from beating and I fell into her again, beak first. I thought Flutter would be angry at me for stealing but she stayed still as I drained her well.  I withdrew unharmed.

I flew to the next Flutter and the next. I hovered. I dove. I drank. My wing beats created a gold cloud and its dust covered my wings. At the end of the day I returned to my nest anointed by Fluters love. It happens every day. Aren’t I lucky to be loved by Flutters?

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*Anthophilous means  1. Attracted by or living among flowers. 2. Feeding on flowers.

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    • A couple of years ago I posted almost continuously for a month using’s word of the day as inspiration. I might give that a go again as I’m finding inspiration to blog not as fluid as it once was.

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