View from Banff Springs Hotel


Craft note: Hand written using my newest pen given to me by my eldest daughter on the occasion of my 61st birthday. Super fine tip, smooth action on contact, delightful fantasy figure cap. Wishing you all a year of unicorns and rainbows.




31 thoughts on “View from Banff Springs Hotel

    • I need to look up hand made book journals. What a lovely idea! When I was at a small press book fair in the spring, I met a women who hand made & illustrated her book on the migration of monarch butterflies. It unfolded into a long skinny piece of art. Now I’m sorry I didn’t buy one!

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  1. Another good writing. You never disappoint. And may I say, I cannot believe you have such a tidy lil writey book?!? You’re livin the dream. Mine look like — not like that. LOL My mother would be proud to call you hers 😉

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  2. That’s a very sensual set of images in the poem–quite in keeping with the hand writing; the poem wouldn’t have anywhere near the same effect if typed. I used to love my writing by hand but it’s as if my hands just don’t cooperate anymore. too creaky . . .

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    • Last year I traveled a lot for work and one of the last places I went was Banff, Alberta, in the Rockies. The setting is absolutely stunning and the view from my hotel window was the most beautiful scene. I don’t know why my mind veered towards the erotic when I was remembering it. At the time I was thrilled to have a big bed all to myself without my darling but restless, snoring spouse!


    • My husband, who was an English teacher, used to hand write illegible comments to his students which always caused them to come and talk to him to decipher what he’d said. I don’t think this was calculated but it probably helped them enormously to get both written and verbal commentary.


      • An unintended consequence, although also a good excuse!
        I think that due to the dominance of electronic communication people (and not just young ones) have become unused to writing by hand. I see this during the teaching and training work I do. Handwriting has, no doubt, suffered. But I haven’t that excuse. No personal computers when I was at school and University but my handwriting has always been dreadful!

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  3. Susanne, happy birthday! A lovely gift from your daugher and wonderful handwriting! Mine changes every few lines like the language or dialect and cuisne change every km in the country of my birth!! And Banff! I love, love, love the town! We were there in the spring of 2014 and I have happy memories of it. Wishing you a fabulous year ahead.

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    • I would go back to Banff in half a heart beat. It was a short but memorable work trip and I stayed in the most glorious hotel I’ve ever been in and as a former meeting planner I’ve been in some swanky joints. When I went for a walk in the early morning, there was a caribou grazing in a field that sometimes doubles as the hotel parking lot. Amazing.


  4. Wonderful pen-woman-ship!!! I, too, am addicted to pens and the feeling of it across paper. I’m partial to fountain pens. Particularly one I got from Levenger …it doesn’t have a unicorn or a rainbow on it. But I’ve drawn mythological fantastical things with it. In my mind that counts. Lol! Happy rainbows and unicorn pen days to you!

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  5. Nothing beats writing with a fine pen. That this is a unicorn pen makes me mighty jealous indeed. Your words are beautifully sculpted. I wish you many unicorn-pen moments ahead 🦄 ✍️

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    • I find writing by hand relaxing. Maybe because I spend 5 days week/8 hours a day in front of a screen blah, blah, blahing that my brain and hands need a different way to draft.


"The river flows both ways." (Margaret Laurence)

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