Bum to bum

This is how a marriage ends – hip pain,
knee pain, cracked rib, bulging disc,
raging Piriformis, TMJ, insane
ibuprofen promises, hernia  dismissed.

This is how a marriage ends – numb foot,
Achilles strain, a crappy IT band
drones a dirge, trudges on, a broken brute.
Poor Quasimodo – now we understand.

This is how a marriage ends – bum to bum
in bed – because the hip hurts, the rib hurts.
Change sides, rearrange, take a pill – alack!
Fast twitch, slow twitch, sleep’s a bitch, rolling grunts –

sleep tight. NSAIDS or aspirin? Shriveled
liver, heart attack? Self-medicate?
Prescribe? Querulous damn bedeviled
ligaments, Gordian knots attenuate
we pray. Pound my Psoas –  YES!  right there!
Try to love in pain, prithee body, please repair.


14 thoughts on “Bum to bum

  1. Pa-rapa pum..pum…..me and my bum!

    In the old “I Love Lucy” shows, Ricky Ricardo and Lucy slept in twin beds, because of a social prudishness about the subject of marital sex….but I have read lately that more and more older couples are not only getting twin beds but in some cases separate bedrooms, because of snoring, chronic ailments, getting up several times a night, etc…They say it improves the relationship and the sex—which needn’t be tied to bedtime and sleep.

    Your poem makes a case for it!

    • I think bunk beds might be fun but then we’d argue about who gets the top. 😉 We have a camping mat under the bed which gets hauled out when things get really twitchy.

"The river flows both ways." (Margaret Laurence)

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